What we can expect when hiring a professional Moving and Packing service in Dubai

Whenever you progress, it involved packing and unpacking everything you own. this might appear to be a really tedious task and some time could also be better spent doing other things. Often, it’ll even require taking a day off from work to urge the packing done.

If you do not just like the idea of packing up your entire home and unpacking it once you arrive, you are doing have the choice of hiring knowledgeable packing service. this sort of service will are available and do all the packing for you.

they’re going to even take apart furniture and other items. Then, when your things reach the new home, the packing service will actually unpack everything for you.


Not all moves require knowledgeable packing service and there are times when this sort of service comes in handy quite others. Here are a couple of guidelines to assist you to opt if you would like a packing service:

If you’re moving an extended distance, it is a good idea to rent a packing service. The long drive are often very exhausting and it’s even worse after spending days packing everything up.

When you got to move an outsized home or office, a packing service should be used. Any home with quite 2 bedrooms will take a really while to urge packed up.

Those with a variety of obligations or wanting to work during the move should also consider hiring a packing service. the cash spent on the service could also be worthwhile when it involves the time you’ll save.

If the move will include a variety of valuable items, antiques or other collectible items, you’ll want to possess knowledgeable do the packing. this may ensure everything is packed properly and you will not need to worry about anything arriving damaged.

All of those situations, alongside any time you can’t physically handle the packing, knowledgeable packing service should be considered.


The number of your time needed to close up your home and obtain it able to be moved to your new locations depends on the dimensions of your home and therefore the number of individuals packing. a number of the averages are:

  • Under 1,000 Square Feet – 4 to six hours for 2 people or 2-3 hours for four people.
  • 1,500 to 2,000 Square Feet – 13 to 16 hours for 2 people, 7 to 9 hours for four people, or 4 to five hours for 6 people.
  • 2,500 to 3,000 Square Feet – 21 to 25 hours for 2 people, 11 to 14 hours for four people, or 7 to 9 hours for 6 people.
  • 4,000 square feet or larger – 36 to 40 hours for two people, 19 to 22 people for four people or 12 to 16 hours for 6 people

With the assistance of knowledgeable packing service, the work is going to be done faster than you’ll imagine. they’re going to also confirm everything is packed correctly and there’ll be enough workers on-site to form the method go much smoother and quicker.

Some of the opposite belongings you can expect from knowledgeable packing service include:

  • Creation of a full moving inventory
  • Use of the proper boxes and packing materials
  • Proper packing and labeling of fragile and valuable items
  • And More!

It all starts with knowledgeable , on-site estimates for the entire cost of packing your home. If you would like to save lots of time and luxuriate in the very fact that you simply won’t need to do any packing or unpacking, hiring knowledgeable packing services the simplest choice you’ll make.

Author: Yalla Movers & Packers
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