Seven Key Steps For A Successful Office Relocation Business

Packers and Movers are the organizations that help people to relocate from place to another. If you are the one who is planning to shift to a new city or state, you need the services of professional packers and movers companies. People who are shifting to a new home, face loads of work in terms of sorting the items, packing, loading and moving them.

Actually, packing your household things yourself is not only tiring and time-consuming but also pose danger to the safety of your things. Packers and Movers UAE pays special attention to the safety of your things and also, offers quick and on-time delivery of your consignment.

Role of packers & movers in relocating the office

Whether you are relocating your office in the same city or different, it can bring a lot of stress and frustration. It creates a number of tasks for you such as arranging the packing boxes, packing the items, loading & unloading, etc. The office shifting process can be physically and mentally draining. Thus, for a hassle-free, quick and safe office relocation, you need professional movers and packers’ services.

The highly trained and professional team of Packers and Movers UAE uses the best quality packing material to protect your things from any kind of damage. By hiring professional teams, you can have peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands and will be delivered on-time at the right destination. They offer comprehensive packages of office relocation services under one roof such as packing team, advanced loading equipment, trucks, etc.

Seven Steps That Should Be Followed For a Successful Office Move

The successful office relocation depends on the proper planning of the process from the beginning to the end. The most effective way to do that is to craft a detailed project plan that includes different aspects of your move. If you are not sure how to get started, follow these important steps:

Plan the move in advance!

Small to medium office moves are planned at least six months in advance whereas for the large office moves you need 1-2 years of planning. Thereby, the moment you decide to shift your office, start making a comprehensive project plan. For a successful office move, top packers and movers UAE suggest vital tasks that should be included in the plan such as-

  • Decide the in charge of the relocation
  • Identify the responsibilities of specific tasks to a specific person
  • Fix the deadlines for the particular task

Select an employee as the coordinator for the process!

It is advised to select one person as the in-office coordinator for the relocation process. This person will be responsible for supervising and managing every aspect of the move. So, it is crucial to select someone with exceptional administrative skills and good decision-making abilities so that he/she can easily handle all the last-minute decisions that come in the relocation process.

Decide on a budget!

The office relocation budget will actually depend on the size of your current office, the services you hire (full-service movers and packers or office space planners), and your plan to upgrade your existing infrastructure. Once you have decided the budget, you can plan accordingly.

Pick a team!

Make an office moving team that will work closely with the in-office move manager to manage your entire move process and ensure that nothing gets overlooked or forgotten. The responsibilities of this team include-

  • Listing all the tasks involved in the moving process
  • Making the sequence depending on the priority
  • Talk to movers and packers to know their services

Your in-house moving team should have people who are well-informed about the work-flow, space requirements, the responsibilities of different staff members and departments, office tech, ergonomics, shared equipment and security. For the packing of the office all computers, phones, hard drives and other day-to-day technology equipment you should have tech-expert.

Choose the professional office relocation company!

Select a moving partner who has the expertise in the office relocation of any type and size. Some moving companies may be experienced only in residential moves and some in long-distance shipping. They might have no experience in office relocation. So, before hiring the packers and movers UAE, make sure that the company should be professional as well as experienced in the specific shifting. Plus, selecting a professional and skilled team can make the transition process less stressful.

Setting target dates!

Before setting the target dates, find out when your current lease terminates. Once the dates are decided, inform the team that before that they have to perform the assigned moving tasks. After setting the dates also ask the builder how long it will take to build out or renovate the new office. Also, finalize the packers and movers UAE before the target dates come near.

Inform your customers and vendors!

Notify your customers and vendors that you are moving to a new office well in advance so that they can be aware of expected possible delays in service, deliveries or communications. Inform them how and where they can get services during the office shifting process. You can notify your customers using the following ways-

  • Send them text messages on their mobile phones
  • Distribute flyer’s that include your new office address
  • Send an email to them
  • Update your website with such notification using a banner
  • Use social media to notify your fans and followers.

Why Yalla Movers Dubai is best at packers & movers services?

Yalla Movers Dubai, the best packers and movers UAE offers hassle-free, customized, smooth and peaceful relocation office moving services to its clients across the country. Built on decades of industry experience and a complete understanding of the office relocation needs, Yalla Movers Dubai is known as the best company to provide high-quality and budget-friendly commercial moving services to SMEs. To relieve you of all your relocation worries, a dedicated manager will be provided to take care of the whole process whereas your employees carry on with their routine tasks which will not affect their productivity.

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