Moving During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Here is what you need to know

The COVID-19 outbreak is unlike anything mankind has ever seen since the WWI. We all are worried about ourselves and have questions on the way to protect one another. Information is changing daily and despite all the medical advancements, we are still unable to prevent this pandemic. the simplest that we will do is to remain at home to curtail the coronavirus spread. But what if you would like to maneuver your office from Dubai?

A lot of companies are Hiring Office Relocation Services thanks to economic despair caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. Some are even cursed with the thought of whether or not they ought to enter their new home. Of course, the thought of relocating your house is frightening, but not the maximum amount as getting to the shop to shop for groceries, right?

Packaging and Moving Tips During Coronavirus Outbreak

In case you’re getting to hire House Relocation Services amidst this pandemic, you would like professional movers and packers. you want to also take extra precautions to securely move your boxes. And this is often a thing that we will assist you with whether you’re in Al Ain or want to maneuver to Ras-Al-Khaimah.

We are talking about additional actions that will provide you relief. These are practical guidelines that you simply must implement if you’re getting to hire movers and packers in Dubai for Villa moving services. Here are the ideas that are getting to assist you with the moving process.

Hiring the proper Company

Before you hire movers and packers in Dhabi, ask them about their COVID-19 protocol. What safety measures they’re following during the Coronavirus outbreak. knowledgeable mover realizes the worth of your belongings and never compromise over customers’ safety. you’ve got to be extra cautious when it involves your health and safety.

Here are a couple of questions that you simply must ask before hiring movers and packers in Dubai.

  • Ask about precautions their crew and drivers are taking
  • Enquire about precautions the corporate is taking to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Ask them what their strategy is that if they determine a customer or member of the crew is COVID positive.
  • Ask the corporate what precautions they advise their customers during moving.
  • Ask the movers and packers whether or not they have an inventory of FAQs that addresses moving during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Get a Quote Virtually

Staying home and avoiding in-person contact can limit the Coronavirus spread. While hiring a knowledgeable mover in Business Bay, choose a virtual survey of your home. Most of the simplest movers and packers in Dhabi are using virtual estimators. So, rather than an in-person moving estimate, you’ll get a quote on a video call.

Professional movers and packers in Dubai, like us, are already helping people with a virtual quote. Here’s how you ought to prepare your home or office for a foreign estimate.

  • Ensure your tab or phone is charged
  • Ensure your internet is functioning properly
  • Ensure there’s enough lighting in your home or office
  • Open all the closets and cabinets in order that movers can see what items you would like to relocate.

In addition, a tape can prove handy, as estimators may have you to live some items.

Wash their Hands

Normally, you’d greet the crew with a handshake, but we advise you otherwise. the simplest thanks to greet the movers is with a smile and washing their hands. As soon as they arrive, wash their hands at the door. It’s not awkward of you to scrub their hands at regular intervals.

In case the crew needs a restroom, limit their access to just one room. Also, provide them sanitizers for hands and disinfectant wipes for light switches and doorknobs.

Practice Recommended Protocol

Follow the recommended SOPs and guidelines that are recommended by the govt. confirm you and therefore the crew are wearing masks and that they are regularly sanitizing their hands. Moreover, confirm there’s no food sharing and touching the face.

Disinfect Your Packages and Items

Once you’ve got moved your packages, disinfect them also as your belongings and furniture. Also, eliminate the packaging materials properly to avoid potential contact with the virus. Hiring a cleaning company seems like an honest idea, but we don’t recommend it at this point. Cleaning the house by yourself is that the safest option immediately to limit the COVID-19 spread.

Bottom Line

We recommend you to only hire professional movers and packers in Dubai to maneuver your packages. Follow the SOPs albeit you’re moving from Silicon Oasis to Palm Jumeirah. just in case you’ve got questions regarding Coronavirus, contact the government agency for information.

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