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Just like how people need extra hours in a day to get things done, we all could use an extra set of hands to get us going through some days. After all, additional help with cumbersome tasks is always welcome.

Whether you need to reupholster old furniture, paint your home or hang a painting on your bedroom wall – help is just a call away. Our friendly technicians will be happy to assist with such everyday chores with expertise-driven finesse. So Hire Yalla Movers & Packers – Best #1 Handyman Services Provider Company in Dubai, UAE.

At Yalla Movers, we train our team to make your life easier. We understand that you’re busy and sometimes need assistance with certain chores that you prefer not doing it yourself. We get it. Sometimes, you do need some professional help to get things done, the right way. Mount your TV, fixing curtains & blinds or getting wall work done are some of the many things our handyman services cover.

Oh by the way, your troublesome washing machine can be taken care of too!

Our handyman is dexterous and technically sound, so don’t worry about the alignment of your frames or reaching out for hard to seek light bulbs. At Yalla Movers, we’ve got your back before you plan to relocate and even after you’ve moved houses.

Here are some of the handyman services we can help you out with:

  • Mounting LCD TVs
  • Fixing curtains and blinds
  • Hanging lights and bulbs
  • Assembling drawers and shelves
  • Painting (interior, exterior, touch up)
  • Fixing washing machines
  • Furniture adjustment

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The team at Yalla was very patient and waited for my instructions to start the move. Although there were delays from my side, the entire packing and shifting happened in the time committed by Yalla Movers and Packers. My entire house was packed and transported to a new location in a few hours. Thank you again very much for your precious help during this process. Your team was very professional and added a terrific personal touch to the moving process.

Founder, Events by Saniya

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